Women in Defense Liberty Chapter Hosts Career Opportunities Across the Defense Industrial Base featuring Distinguished Leaders from PEO Submarines

On October 11th the Women in Defense Liberty Chapter hosted “Career Opportunities Across the Defense Industrial Base” featuring a distinguished panel and keynote speakers portraying a variety of career opportunities in the Defense Industrial Base, and the incredible journeys, challenges, and accomplishments of our guests. The defense industry, and the submarine community in particular, has so many exciting career opportunities for men and women of all ages and backgrounds!

Speakers and Panel guests:

RADM Scott Pappano, PEO, Strategic Submarines

Ms . Whitney Jones, Director, Submarine Industrial Base, PEO Strategic Submarines

Mr. Matt Sermon, Executive Director, PEO Strategic Submarines

Ms. Meganne Atkins, Deputy Program Manager, Columbia Class Submarines

Ms. Geraldine (Gigi) Lee, Deputy Program Manager, Ohio Class In service Program Office

Thank you to all the attendees, especially our panel of speakers!